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Bikinis and Swimsuits

Bikinis , Swimwear , Beach and Pool attire. Show off what you like to wear or like to see . Keep it fun, legal and respectful :) The bikinis come off at

Miss mariam class



Everyone is welcome here. This is were you can come to chill out and talk with people.


Join If U Are Bored

Bored Asf

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Chat Rooms

There are many ways to talk with people across the internet, but one of the most popular is through a chat room. A chat room is like having your own conversation with other users, only there are so many conversations going at once!

Most online communities have a chat feature where you can converse with others in the community about anything. Some make it easy to add individuals or groups as a contact, which makes it easier to keep up with activity from them.

The way that these chats work is by using software programing to communicate. Technology such as this is what allows us to connect with each other via phones, computers, and apps.

There are some great chat applications available free of cost or for a low price. The best ones allow you to create an account without paying a fee, which is helpful because you get access immediately!

Here are some tips for staying motivated while chatting online.

Popular chat rooms

chat rooms

There are many ways to communicate via internet chat. You can create an account at a website that allows you to make conversations or talk in apps, through their browser extensions, etc.

Some of the most popular sites where people meet and discuss things is definitely Facebook and Twitter. Both of these have messenger applications that let you connect with individuals or groups easily.

If you're more intimate than someone else, you can invite them into your personal profile so they can message you directly! The same goes for inviting them into a group as well.

There are other types of chats like Snapchat which don't keep track of who has seen what, making it easy to forget about someone or lose track of time while talking. This isn't a good thing if you're looking to start dating or marry this person!

All of these messengers aside, there's one type of chat room that doesn't require you to be connected to the internet to use. It's called a smartphone app chat.

Commercial chat rooms

chat rooms

While most of us use social media to connect with our friends, there are some that offer more than just friendly messages. These chat apps or sites have different features that can be exchanged for money or rewards.

Some of these reward-based chat apps and websites sell virtual gifts, such as gift cards or credits you can spend on merchandise or online services.

Other app and site users “buy” special features, like real time voice and video calls, or additional profile details about yourself. You can typically work your way up to the more expensive plans as you burn down on the cheaper ones.

There are also some reward-chatting apps that let you earn points by chatting and spending them later.

Online chat rooms

chat rooms

There are many ways to communicate via internet- you can create an account at a website or app that allows you to make conversations through their system, You can use messaging apps like Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat, etc., Skype, Google Talk, Discord, Yahoo Messenger, Viber, and more!

There is one important thing about chatting online though that some may not know – chat rooms! A chat room is just like having your own conversation with people in person, but instead it’s done digitally!

Most websites have a feature where you can go onto their site and type something into a box and then other users can reply to what you wrote. Some even let you write longer things or ask questions! It’s very similar to going into a coffee shop and talking to someone there, except this time no physical location is needed!

This way of communicating is popular now because you don’t need to find someone physically nearby to talk to them, you can do it from anywhere! Between texting, messenger applications, chatrooms, and voice calls, technology has made it easy to keep in touch virtually.

Who should enter a chat room?

As with any new medium, there are different levels of users that use chat rooms. Some people feel comfortable using them as a way to meet new people, while others prefer staying in-depth for a little longer.

There is an important rule when it comes to entering a chat room though – make sure you know what kind of place it is!

If a group or individual doesn’t seem like they want to get into a conversation then quickly leave the room so no one feels left out. It may be better to stay away from such a room if you don’t think you will enjoy it.

How to enter a chat room

chat rooms

Now that you are ready to join some chat rooms, it is time to actually use them! While there are many ways to find a chat room, not everyone has the same favorite way of connecting.

Some people like using an app or browser extension which can help connect to the chatroom automatically. This article will go into more detail about how to create your own chat room! But first, let us talk about how to find one already existent.

There are two main types of chatrooms: ones with free accounts and ones that require money to be a member. Non-paying members can still see all of the content in the chat, but they cannot contribute or start new chats.

For those who have paid membership, most allow you to search for other chat sites and apps directly from their dashboard. This makes finding a chat room easy as pie!

If you would rather just make your own, no worries! That is totally possible too! In this article, we will going over everything step by step.

What should you say?

chat rooms

When chatting with someone new, it is very important to talk about something that both of you are interested in. If you get into topic No. 1 for twenty minutes every time you chat, then your conversation will be full of nothing but talking about bed sheets!

Topic number one – let’s say staying awake during sleep night hours…

That’s boring! So unless you are sleeping or them, stick to more interesting topics. Get inspiration from great writers by reading their work and studying how they write.

Reading biographies of famous people is an excellent way to do this. You can also watch movie trailers or read reviews to find out what parts of the film struck you as sincere and well-written. These would make good examples to use when writing your own material.

If you’re ever struggling to come up with something to say, take a break and start looking through pictures on Google or YouTube. Or simply play some music! Either one is fine, really.

What not to say

chat rooms

While there are many ways to use chat rooms, there is one thing that people do too often. They feel the need to talk about something beyond what is necessary.

They want to tell everyone about their personal life, or how much money they have, or what kind of food they like, or what movie they just saw.

This is called verbal junk talking or VJT. It is also known as verbosity.

VJT can be off topic, excessive, or non-relevant. If you notice someone doing this, try to get them back onto the topic at hand by being direct and clear.

How to be a good guest in a chat room

chat rooms

Being a respectful, considerate person is one of the most important things for you to know when chatting online. You should always try to include yourself first by making sure that your computer has all the latest software and programs, that your internet connection is working properly, and that you have done your research before entering an unknown chatroom or area.

Just because it’s easy to enter into a chat conversation doesn’t mean that it’s okay to say whatever you want! If you don’t feel comfortable saying certain things, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for some conversations. It’s totally fine to leave a chat at any time if you feel uncomfortable or there are too many distractions.

And while we can’t tell you how to be a perfect human being like everyone else out there, we will share our tips for being a great chat room visitor with you here. These tips will help you understand other people more and give you some basic etiquette guidelines.

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