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The main pChat room.


Bikinis , Swimwear , Beach and Pool attire. Show off what you like to wear or like to see . Keep it fun, legal and respectful :) The bikinis come off at https://pchat.com/topless

Miss mariam class




Everyone is welcome here. This is were you can come to chill out and talk with people.


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pChat Announcements

Bug Fixes
Fixed image uploads on Android & iOS mobile apps. Please update to 2.0.9.

Fixed blocked users chats sometimes showing up.

Fixed room & DM notification sound bug.

Fixed chats sometimes being incorrectly marked as read.
iOS & Android App Updates
The iOS & Android app updates have both been approved. This update incorporates the new server infrastructure change so make sure to update.

As always, please report any bugs and feel free to request new features.
Fixed Timezone Issue
Fixed a reported timezone issue in regard to chat timestamps.

Let me know if anyone is still running into problems with this.
Google Login
Fixed a Google login bug.
Server Infrastructure Change
pChat went down for a few hours during a server infrastructure change.

This update allows servers to scale without taking pChat offline. A much needed improvement before implementing new features and potentially advertising the site & apps one day.

Let me know if you run into any bugs or issues!