Vision API
Added Vision API to help prevent inappropriate content from being posted.
Customize style & colors + timezone fix
You can now customize your username & chat message text style & colors if a premium creator member.

Also fixed an issue with chat times showing the incorrect timezone time.
Fixes, improvements & unblocking users
Fixed issues with text color in dark mode.

Improved mobile web browser experience. It is now easier to quick view another user profile from a chat room.

Fixed a bug when moving from a private chat message window (bottom right DM window) to full screen.

Added share buttons.

You can now unblock users. To see users you blocked, go to account settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Fixed expired ban & warning bugs
Fixed a bug that would not remove expired bans and warnings.
Delete chat room bug fix.
Fixed a bug that was preventing users from deleting a chat room. This has been fixed.

Also fixed a left navigation overlap bug on mobile web browser.
Bug Fixes
Fixed image uploads on Android & iOS mobile apps. Please update to 2.0.9.

Fixed blocked users chats sometimes showing up.

Fixed room & DM notification sound bug.

Fixed chats sometimes being incorrectly marked as read.
iOS & Android App Updates
The iOS & Android app updates have both been approved. This update incorporates the new server infrastructure change so make sure to update.

As always, please report any bugs and feel free to request new features.
Fixed Timezone Issue
Fixed a reported timezone issue in regard to chat timestamps.

Let me know if anyone is still running into problems with this.
Google Login
Fixed a Google login bug.
Server Infrastructure Change
pChat went down for a few hours during a server infrastructure change.

This update allows servers to scale without taking pChat offline. A much needed improvement before implementing new features and potentially advertising the site & apps one day.

Let me know if you run into any bugs or issues!
Bug fixes
Fixed a few bugs that wouldn't allow messages to load on Safari.
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from!
Save Chats, Premium & More
You can now save / bookmark chats. This way you can easily reference chats from the past.

Premium Memberships have been released. If you are interested in supporting pChat check out Premium Memberships here.

You can now click to enlarge user & room profile pictures.

While scrolling to read older chats, if a new message came in you would be auto scrolled down to the new chat. This has been fixed.

Various other UI, UX & bug fixes.

Please report any bugs you find.
Videos, Webcam & Screencast
Videos are now here on browser (mobile apps will be updated soon)! You can upload, screencast and webcam to send videos now.

File names will now save with their original name instead of being saved with a randomized name.

If you run into any bugs, please report them.
PDF Uploads
You can now upload PDF files.
Chat Search & Link Fixes
Fixed a bug that would break / freeze the website when searching older chats.

Fixed a bug that would break / freeze the website when clicking on shared links.
Scrolling Bug Fix
Fixed an annoying bug that would jump the chat up when scrolling up to load new messages.
Android App Update
The Android App has been updated with more reporting and blocking options.
Bug Fixes
Lots of bugs were fixed associated with yesterdays large update.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs they ran into!
Layout Update
Pushed an update to the overall UI & UX. I would appreciate feedback.

Next up:
  • Video & Audio Messages
  • Save / Bookmark Messages
  • Follow Users
Chat bug fix & change password
Fixed a chat bug when sending an image or link from the website, and reading it in real time on one of the mobile applications.

Added change password feature to the website (this feature is already in the mobile apps).
Server Upgrade
One off the backend servers was taken down for 5-10 minutes for an upgrade.
PChat experienced about 5 minutes of downtime. Everything is back up and working.
Android & iOS Apps updated to 2.0.3
Android & iOS have been updated with the "Banning, Blocking, Reporting & More" features below (last announcement).

Make sure to update.
Banning, Blocking, Reporting & More
- When blocking someone now, blocker and blocked user (both ways):
  • will not show up in both users DM or Favorites list
  • messages in rooms will be hidden (muted) from each other
  • DM history will no longer be visible to either party
- You can now report chats
- Improved banning functionality
- Created a new warning functionality
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
Android & iOS Apps updated to 2.0.2
Android & iOS apps have been updated to version 2.0.2, make sure to update.

- Fixed a GIF bug
- Easily swipe the keyboard down
- Bug fixes and improvements
Direct Message Pop Out on Desktop
On desktop direct messages now pop out so you don't have to leave a chat room in order to direct message with other users.
Users still have the option to open the direct message as a full chat if they want to.

This was a decent sized update so please report any bugs you may find, thanks!
Max File Size Increase
Max file upload size has increased from 15MB to 20MB.
Android App Approved
The pChat Android app has been approved. You can find it here
Bug Fixes
Fixed a few bugs that were breaking javascript functions, such as changing rooms without having to go back to the homepage and searching for users.
iOS App Approved
The pChat iOS app has been approved. You can find it here

The pChat Android app is still in review.
Fixed media lists, improved scrolling & other small bug fixes
The media list on the right side was not loading unless you clicked "view more". Pagination of the media list was not working correctly as well. These have been fixed.

Now, if you're scrolling and viewing previous chat messages and a new chat messages is received, you will no longer get interrupted and auto scrolled down.

Fixed other small bugs around the site.
Improved Load Time
Fixed a flaw in logic that was causing pChat to load slow. This has been fixed and you should notice increased site performance.
Room Management Bug Fix
A bug has been fixed that was preventing Room Creators from correctly being able to manage their rooms.
Downtime & bug fixes
pChat experienced some downtime recently and this has been resolved.

While we continue to work on the iOS & Android apps we have also fixed replying to chats and linking.
Bug fixes
Since the new update a handful of bugs have been reported. These include room moderation, mobile, timezone, and gif issues as well as a few others.

They should all now be fixed. Please report any bugs you find or features you want.
Progressive Web App (PWA)
pChat also has a Progressing Web App (PWA) now!

I'm looking to release the Android app by this upcoming weekend and then possibly the Apple app the weekend after depending on Apple app store approval time (Apple is notorious for taking awhile and being picky approving apps).
Lots of updates
Hey, just released a pretty big update. You can now send audio chats, search conversations, change chat rooms from a chat room and reply to other chat messages.

The mobile layout should look better now and the left navigation bar has some changes and includes the favorites tab again.

There are also a lot of small changes around pChat too. Such as gender icons and being able to toggle between light and dark mode.
Messages & Rooms
Happy Holidays! Deleted messages will now completely disappear instead of showing "this message has been deleted". Also room owners can now completely delete a room if they choose.
Bug Fixes
Bug fixes throughout the site.
Chatroom Moderators
Room owners can now add room moderators. Moderators can be assigned privileges to delete messages, kick & ban users, unban users and to clear all room messages. Room owners can add or remove a moderator / change a moderators privileges at any time. Also in the dropdown from the top right corner (where the online green dot is) you can now see rooms you created, rooms joined as well as rooms you're moderating.
Room Management
pChat users now have the option to leave rooms. Also, room owners can now kick and ban users, set room age limits and clear all chat room message history.
Left Nav Bar Updated
The left navigation bar has been updated. Please send feedback!
Media Updates
You can now upload gifs. Also when you delete an image chat message it will also be removed from Recent Images.
The new pChat v3 has been launched. Expect updates to continue and please report any bugs or features you would like. We are also actively working on the Android & iOS mobile apps.