Messages & Rooms
Happy Holidays! Deleted messages will now completely disappear instead of showing "this message has been deleted". Also room owners can now completely delete a room if they choose.
Bug Fixes
Bug fixes throughout the site.
Chatroom Moderators
Room owners can now add room moderators. Moderators can be assigned privileges to delete messages, kick & ban users, unban users and to clear all room messages. Room owners can add or remove a moderator / change a moderators privileges at any time. Also in the dropdown from the top right corner (where the online green dot is) you can now see rooms you created, rooms joined as well as rooms you're moderating.
Room Management
pChat users now have the option to leave rooms. Also, room owners can now kick and ban users, set room age limits and clear all chat room message history.
Left Nav Bar Updated
The left navigation bar has been updated. Please send feedback!
Media Updates
You can now upload gifs. Also when you delete an image chat message it will also be removed from Recent Images.
The new pChat v3 has been launched. Expect updates to continue and please report any bugs or features you would like. We are also actively working on the Android & iOS mobile apps.