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pChat Announcements

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from!
Save Chats, Premium & More
You can now save / bookmark chats. This way you can easily reference chats from the past.

Premium Memberships have been released. If you are interested in supporting pChat check out Premium Memberships here.

You can now click to enlarge user & room profile pictures.

While scrolling to read older chats, if a new message came in you would be auto scrolled down to the new chat. This has been fixed.

Various other UI, UX & bug fixes.

Please report any bugs you find.
Videos, Webcam & Screencast
Videos are now here on browser (mobile apps will be updated soon)! You can upload, screencast and webcam to send videos now.

File names will now save with their original name instead of being saved with a randomized name.

If you run into any bugs, please report them.
PDF Uploads
You can now upload PDF files.
Chat Search & Link Fixes
Fixed a bug that would break / freeze the website when searching older chats.

Fixed a bug that would break / freeze the website when clicking on shared links.